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Welcome to CityNetMobil

What will urban mobility be like tomorrow?

This video is available for download in the videos section in english, french, italian and norwegian.

Will our cities become more and more congested, polluted, and unsafe, or is there a way to reverse this trend? One new idea for urban transport is small automated low-polluting vehicles for driverless transport in cities. But can such novel systems solve mobility problems in any city? Can they be integrated into the urban structure and conventional transport networks? How would users react?

CityNetMobil is a three-year EC FP7 support action with the specific objective of helping cities answer these questions. The project began on 1 September 2008 and will run until 1 September 2011.

The project invites all interested cities to join a group of cities sharing an interest in advanced transport systems.

Five cities in the group will be selected to organise events, addressed mainly to the general public, featuring a showcase of moving automated vehicles, a conference, audiovisuals, and a poster display. The events will be six to eight months apart and will last between two days and two weeks each. Ideally, other scientific or cultural events will be held at the same time. The first two sites will be chosen before January 2009, and the first event will be held in spring 2009.

The support of local authorities and transport planners will be an important criterion in site selection.

Call for interest

The CityNetMobil project hereby launches a call for interest for cities to join the CityNetMobil Reference group.

Elected city officials or members of technical services interested in driverless transport for cities are invited to join the group. They should:

- Register here

- Think of one or more sites in their cities where advanced systems would be most effective (the site provides guidance and the CityNetMobil project partners are all available to help).

Members may submit one or more sites as candidates for hosting one of the five CityNetMobil events. The first step is to fill in an online questionnaire.

For more information, contact:

If you are already member of the Reference Group of cities, click here to access the Reference Group members' area.

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